4 Crucial Leadership Traits – H&P Insights

5th May 2022

In today’s candidate short market, there’s an increasing demand for leadership skills alongside an impressive resume. Now more than ever, leaders are under pressure to transform organizations whilst driving business output. We have substantial experience accurately placing corporate executives and building high performing corporate teams. We know what it takes to lead.

“Leadership is such an attractive trait for employers, everyone should be analysing the leadership traits in themselves and in those around them.”

– Jack Hayes, CEO

Our senior management team have identified the four common characteristics seen in successful leaders.

        1. Ambition

Effective leaders need to have a vision of what they want to achieve and what they want their organization to accomplish. But what most directors overlook, as leadership expert Simon Sinek notes, “few organizations know why it is they do what they do”.

“Our previous discouraging experience within the recruitment sphere drove us to start H&P. We saw that there was a gap in the market for a young, entrepreneurial business with dynamic energy and a focus on consistently delivering outstanding service and results for both clients and candidates. We knew we could fill this void and that doing so would set a new standard of recruitment.”

– Harry Elkington, Head of People

        2. Strong Communicator

Great leaders don’t always come in the form of rousing orators, but, they are able to communicate with their target audience and motivate their followers to action. Leaders are required to communicate their vision to their team to give their organization clear direction.

A recent workplace analysis done by BuiltIn showed 76% of employees believe that a well-defined business strategy helps cultivate a positive work culture.

“Our senior management work closely alongside our consultants. We’ve always given clear feedback and are honest about our goals for the business.”

– Ricky Roy, Partner

        3. Delegatory

Delegation not only empowers employees, it also reduces the presence of micromanagement within businesses. A recent study conducted by Trinity Solutions revealed that 71% of employees said micromanagement interfered with their job performance.

“Our management platform at H&P is designed to support rather than stall. Our consultants have the freedom to expand into new locations and develop their own teams. We want our people to have the same drive to make an impact that we had when we founded Hayes & Partners.”

– Ivan Parra, Associated Partner

        4. Compassion

Leadership has a direct impact on employee drive. A recent study by Catalyst found that 76% of people with empathetic leaders responded to be highly motivated at work compared to 32% of people with less empathetic management.

“All of our senior management have worked in toxic environments. We’ve seen first-hand that an insensitive management approach corrodes company loyalty. Building a supportive and considerate working environment has led to a 92% retention rate across 3 years of business. We believe this approach has helped us cultivate an enjoyable work setting which has contributed to our success.”

– Harry Elkington, Head of People

“The market is very active at the moment, meaning there are unprecedented opportunities for current and emerging leaders to nurture their relationships with employees. The very best leaders exude all these characteristics combined with their own personability. Now may be an ideal time to assess your own leadership traits as well as the quality of management around you.”

– Jack Hayes, CEO