H&P celebrates 3 years of success

2nd September 2022

September 2022 marks the third year of business for H&P. In the past 3 years, we’ve made 4 successful office moves, our headcount has increased around 800% and we’re consistently succeeding our monthly and quarterly targets.

“H&P started with just Harry, Rick and myself so it’s amazing to look around the office and see far we’ve come.” – Jack Hayes, Co-Founder

Since founding H&P, our headcount has increased to from 2 to 25. We now have a team of 15 consultants specialising in the German recruitment market with an additional 8 specialists working across the Benelux region.

This past year especially, we’ve been able to double the size of our in-house team, who are able to provide our clients and candidates with additional exciting opportunities, not only in Germany but across the Benelux regions too.

“We’re expecting to have a headcount of around 35 by the end of the next financial year. From there, we’re planning to double our headcount growth every year to support our plans for expansion.” – Harry Elkington, Head of People

Our successful growth has meant we’re able to provide greater coverage of the European markets for our clients and candidates as well as expanding into areas of London and New York too. We’re succeeding expectations of both our clients and candidates with our consultants always going above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service.

Our consultants have a macro understanding of the executive markets across mainland Europe enabling us to make precise and accurate placements for our clients and candidates.

“Our consultants’ market knowledge is unrivalled. We’re planning to grow into new market areas and new sector specialties as we develop further. We have plans to grow our offices across mainland Europe and into New York too.” – Jack Hayes, CEO

Our placements and revenues are up 100% from this time last year demonstrating our continued success and growth. We’ve made numerous office openings and assisted transform team capability enabling businesses and individuals to unlock their full potential.

We intend to continue this level of success in the next 3 years of H&P.