H&P Charity Pool Tournament

4th October 2022

In early September, our team at H&P each put forward several charity organizations to become our official company charity for this year. We then sent round this list of nominations to our team who each received one vote to choose our company charity for this year. The charity who received the most votes was ECPAT UK who are a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child trafficking.

ECPAT UK are committed to –

  • Strengthening the legislation surrounding child trafficking and transnational child exploitation
  • Increasing the response of professionals handling child protection in the UK and overseas
  • Helping the children affected become agents of change

To help raise funds for this amazing cause, H&P organized a charity pool tournament. Plenty of ambitious players put themselves forward to compete for the ultimate prize of a luxury pool cue and case. After 2 weeks of intense matches, stiff competition and plenty of close calls, we had our winner.

We had asked our team to donate £20 to play and even those who chose not to play, still made generous donations. Ultimately, we were able to raise £340 for ECPAT UK.


“We’re really proud of our team and are delighted the funds are going towards a really worthy cause.” – Harry Elkington, Head of People


This certainly won’t be our last charity fundraiser, but we’re thrilled this first event was so successful.