CEO, Jack Hayes, comments on current market trends

4th January 2023

Our CEO, Jack Hayes, recently shared his comments on a key trend our team of specialists are noticing in the market. Here are his thoughts on the current candidate driven market and how clients and candidates can make the most of this trend.

What’s happening in the current market?

The last few years we’ve seen a huge growth within the markets we specialise in at H&P. This has naturally had a knock-on effect for even more demand for talent to fuel the growth of the companies we’re working with. As a result, we’re currently seeing a candidate driven market.

Clients need to be aware of this trend as candidates often have multiple options when considering a move because there’s so much demand in the market. What we’re hearing from the candidate side is that they appreciate more flexibility regarding salary, benefits  and also working conditions. This trend is absolutely something clients need to be aware of when putting together offers as that will enable you to have the top 1% of profiles join your team.

During a candidate short market is actually the best time for talent to consider a move, simply because H&P work with a variety of clients within our specialism. What this means is that at the end of the process, you can take comfort in knowing you have the very best opportunity on the market at any given time.

One of our USPs and actually the thing I’m most proud of here at H&P is the fact that our consultants are trained to be extremely proactive when approaching candidates. Our team are eager to fill the most complicated vacancies and give our clients the best service.

We’re eager to fill every vacancy our clients give us. The idea is we want to specialise in every core market we cover. The plan looking more long term is to replicate this and eventually be the most trusted executive search firm.