Team reactions to H&P USA

25th January 2023

“We’re really excited to announce that we have a New York office. This continues our strategy of expanding into global markets and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the rest of 2023.”

– Jack Hayes, CEO


“I was so excited when Jack told us about the expansion plans. Growing into the New York market is great as it makes us an international business.”

– Charles Scott, Associate


“There are so many things I love about New York. From the pizza, to Jay Z and central park, I can’t wait to get out to our New York office.”

– Ricky Roy, Partner


“I was really excited to hear about the news of the New York office opening and it’s really encouraging to see the growth that H&P is having. When I first joined the company, I know they were discussing the prospect of branching out into the US market so it’s really encouraging to see that come to fruition.”

– Charlotte Fitch, Associate


“We’ve been working on the New York office now for a while and we’re really excited to finally have that onboard. The scalability and growth capability of the whole US is exciting.”

“We’ve been growing the domestic function in the UK here very ambitiously and exactly the same will be the case for the US, so if you’re a candidate or client interested in working with  H&P USA then please reach out.”

– Harry Elkington, Head of People