Jack Hayes reflects on what H&P USA means for the company moving forward

24th February 2023

CEO, Jack Hayes, reacts to H&P USA, reflecting on how far we’ve come and what the future looks like.

I’m really pleased to announce that after only 3 years of business H&P has launched our first international office. This is a huge testament to the team to show how far we’ve come as a business.

New York has always been part of our mid-term plans. The strategy of the firm has always been to focus on high-growth potential markets. For the last year or two we’ve actually been focusing on the US within both our legal and our private equity teams.

Having a base in New York now actually allows us to get closer to both our clients and candidates and just allows us to provide a better service overall.

Having an international office isn’t only exciting for our candidates and clients, it’s also really exciting for our current employees. We really want to create a globally well-connected executive search firm which provides opportunities for employees to work in separate offices around the world if that’s what they choose. At the same time, we also get a wider pick of talent. We’re not only attracting people from the London market but we also have the choice of people across the US too.

So what’s next for H&P? Well firstly we want to carry on with our really impressive growth trajectory within our London office focusing on the European markets. Then on top of that we want to smoothly integrate New York into our global platform. The idea in the mid-term is to follow a similar growth trajectory within the US as what we’re currently experiencing in London.