H&P celebrate 4 years of success!

15th September 2023

After four incredible years of success and growth for H&P we sat down with our CEO, Jack Hayes and asked him to reflect on the company progress these past few years.

Can you tell us what motivated you to found H&P?

I felt we could set a new industry standard within the search market, by combining high-end executive search alongside a much faster and agile way of work. I feel we have achieved this to date, as shown by the sheer volume of high level placements we have already made, some of which are regarded as the most significant partner and team moves across the market. Not bad for a team with an average age of 25!

Can you reflect on some of the things you’re most proud of about H&P?

There’s not one single moment, but for me it’s all about the team. We have an incredibly energised and high performing culture which lifts the standards within the group. I genuinely believe we have an amazing environment for any consultant to be successful and enjoy themselves along the way.

What are some of the most memorable moments in H&P history?

I have lots of great memories, but the annual company trip definitely springs to mind. It’s great to take the team away to celebrate all the hard work and achievements throughout the year. It’s always a lot of fun and really brings the team even closer together. Go-karting definitely brings out the competitive side of us!

Tell us about some of the best achievements in H&P history?

Our numbers speak for themselves. We have grown to 30 people in four years during a very turbulent period. Our revenue per head is also one of the highest across the entire industry highlight the success of the team. Our goal is to carry on with this trajectory.

What’s next for H&P?

Really this is only just the start for us, which is so exciting. Over the next few years we’re looking to expand our core markets and geographies to be able to provide our clients with solutions to all their recruitment needs, regardless of their skillset or where they sit in the world. Looking ahead to the next four years we will surpass 100 consultants and go into the next growth phase. Our long-term vision is to be recognised as the largest and highest performing executive search firm.

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